Sunday, June 26, 2016

Gay execution

Saudi Arabia stones gay people to death. Legal murder! Imagine being the mother or father of someone who is kind, industrious, and happens to know in their hearts that the people they love are of the same gender. Yet, in perhaps 78 countries, same-sex sex is illegal. 

But the tide is turning: in 113 countries, it's legal. 

In some US states, it was legal to arrest people, just for who they love, as recently as 2003! 
But the tide is turning. 

The data is from The Economist magazine, October 11th, 2014. 
Respect for consenting adults is from being human. 

Love is love. 
Same sex couples can have trouble being allowed to adopt. 
If we deny parental rights to homosexuals, 
are we saying that opposite sex spousal abuse is healthier than same-sex love? 
Is that the message we want to send? 

Being straight is great, 
but straight needn't be narrow. 

Words to describe lesbian, bisexuals, gay men:
sister, brother, daughter, son. 

All of the 49 people shot to death were someone's son or daughter. 

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