Sunday, September 4, 2016

Art & science

I treasure times when the "two cultures" of art and science can meet, and a November play about Hollywood star and "frequency hopping" co-inventor Hedy Lamarr will be exquisite, based on the workshop version I saw a few months ago, which was funny, thoughtful, and even a bit moving; one of the best shows ---maybe the best--- that I've ever seen.

It won
Outstanding Actress in a Staged Reading 
in the 2016 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity

Here's a link to the  show's website:

It will be performed in New York City on November 9th at 7:30. The time of 7:30 is important because TICKETS ARE ARRANGED BY SHOW TIME, not by show name.  This long link below will take you there directly:

And if anyone would be so kind as to support the show financially,  Heather is doing this mostly by herself. Donations are fully tax deductible.

She needs to raise $10,000 and every dollar counts.

But the more important thing is to buy a ticket, as the show deserves a second performance and only gets a second if the first one sells out. 

She was Jewish in Austria, which she escaped after Naziis visited her home, made it big in Hollywood, stood up for herself at a time when that was unacceptable, and Ms Massie's interpretation of her life was hilarious too. 

Join me in seeing it.

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