Saturday, October 22, 2016

News Policies

Knowing which candidate's policies I like better would be easier if the news covered them.

Neither presidential candidate's political positions were discussed on the NBC Nightly News tonight.

Trump laid out specific executive orders he would enact in his first hundred days. Specific ones! What were they? I don't know, the news only said that he said them, not what they were. Trump got better coverage than Clinton: from her the news only quoted a campaign slogan.

If this were an anomaly, I'd give it a pass. It's a weekend, and I'm not saying that slogans and personality don't have their place in Presidential selection. But spending more time on personality and slogans than on policy analysis is the norm for the NBC Nightly News, not that ABC or CNN seem much better.

Isn't it the JOB of the news org to go out into the world and examine the implications of a particular policy proposal? "Candidate says x. Everyone agrees that x would mean such and such, but they disagree about whether x would cause y." I'm not asking for a detailed long story, I'm asking for any coverage at all!

If the news orgs have the staff to cover every personality trait of the candidates, why don't the news orgs cover the policy positions and past records more?

It's not like the issues are life and death. Oh wait, they are!
*would a no-fly zone be practical and helpful to the people living under it?
*how many US cities are in near drought conditions?
*what percentage of Americans are at or below the poverty line, and what policies will help it?

What do Trump and Hillary propose about each?
I don't know, the news didn't cover it.

Yes, I'm angry. Lives are at stake!

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